Friday, February 27

Friday's Fancies

Someone once said to me " an Xbox is a good baby sitter." You know she had a point. 
If my three are playing on their's I could easily not see them for a few hours. 

It's the way of the world these days when you have children. I haven't a clue how to work them (I leave all that to hubby) and I really do not see why you would want to spend hours playing them. 
They say the same to me...why do I cut and stick for hours! 
using a Tim Holtz stencil and distress ink

With lots of boys birthday's during the year I am always needing boys cards, so when I saw this xbox controller stamp  I knew it would get a lot of use.

I am thinking that I should make a batch! 

Are you a parent of an xbox / playstation child? 

Have a lovely weekend and i'll see you next week. 

Monday, February 23

...from the sidelines

Before I share today's layout with you I'd like to say a big thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous Rugby Rules post. It was great that you took the time to share rugby related scrap product links with me - even if I don't purchase all of the items, they sure have given me lots of ideas.

Inspired by one of the links, I was reminded that I have a rugby ball stamp and decided to try and re-create a rugby ball background.

Now you need to bear with me. I wasn't sure where I was going with this background when I started stamping. After scattering some stamped balls onto the patterned paper I used Jennifer new scattered triangle stencil to add some shape...followed by Mr Huey mist splats.

At this point I did think hmmmm....what now!

The thing I like when creating a background is you can... add more or cover up those little arrears that you are not too keen on and generally you really can make it work for you.
Here's how the background paper looked when the layout was completed. 

I think I made it work and you know what.....I kinda like the look achieved. 
What do you think?

The photo I've scrapped may not look like me it captures an element of Rugby that doesn't happen often. These boys very rarely get to watch each other play. This particular Sunday No2 son's game was late starting and No1 son came and watched the last quarter. In his usual stance... hands on hips.... he stood next to his dad and shouted  offered advise from the sidelines. He really tried to help his brother. They talked tactics after the game and it was really nice to listen to them.

Have a super week and i'll be back on Friday with this weeks fancy.

P.S. On my previous rugby rules layout some of you commented on the background. It's Tim Holts faded dot stamp stencil used with some texture paste. It seems that this textured paste could be my new favourite thing. What's yours?

Friday, February 20

Friday's Fancies


Normally I'd welcome Friday with open arms. Friday this weeks means half term is nearly over and there'll be no more lazy mornings for another six weeks or so. Sob!

This half term I've spent some time with my sizzix machine. How many of us have one gathering dust? I've recently been through all my dies and decided to put some to good use. Why not try it?

Have a super Friday and i'll see you all soon x

Wednesday, February 18

Rugby Rules

I'm sure most of you are aware that Rugby plays a large part in my life. I take tons of photos of the boys playing - it can be a little hit and miss. For every hundred photos I take I may end up with one or two shots that I love. 

I felt it's about time I scrapped some of these hundreds of photos. I had a whole batch printed in 4x6 and have been inspired by Shimelle's  4x6 photo love class she blogged a while back. 

Two photos, some patterned papers and large letters = one completed layout. I just need to work backwards now to find out who they were playing and when. I figured i'd make a few more pages and look them all up together. 

This is No.2 little scrum half. 
I used some wood veneers from Jennifer's Simply Life Everyday collection  and found an american football amongst my chipboard stickers. I really need to find some Rugby related items. If anyone has seen any could they point me in the right direction please. 

It's half term here and i've finished my working week, so at some point I am hoping that I can scrap some more. 

Friday, February 13

Friday's Fancies

Good morning to you all,

I remembered to return today with a little project for this weeks Friday's Fancies.

Over a year ago I made some heart pictures frames using these little mulberry flowers. A while back I was asked by a friend if I could make her a picture frame using the same flowers to spell out her daughters initial. 

Oh yes! I love a little challenge.

The finished frame sat on the side - No.3 son (who's 10 years old) was  inspecting  admiring it.

"Mum....." he said "could you make one with a H"
I was so chuffed I gave him a big hug!!
It's not often, if ever, these boys of mine, admire my handy work.

His little girlfriend (of nearly two years - they start young these days) loved it.

What takes your Fancy this Friday? 

Monday, February 9

One Photo & Twenty Words

Joining Abi today with One Photo & Twenty Words. 
(ok...a series of photos)

Size doesn't matter if you tackle the right way - they all fall down. 
My little scrum-half loves his Rugby.

Friday, February 6

Friday's Fancies

I had designs on starting 2015 with some regular blog posts. My attempt at being organised. However 2015 never started out normal at all. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Really. 

Now we are in February - where did January go?! - I'd like to try and post something that takes my fancy every Friday morning. Please feel free to join in - if anything, for us un-regular bloggers it might mean we post at least once a week. 
Papers from Pebble inc
A while back I made a visit to TK Maxx and was surprised with the number of paper pads they had, Heidi Swapp, Teresa Collins, Crate Paper...12x12 and 6x6.  Over time I've seen lots of you share your TX Maxx scrapping bargains....and yet I've never been as lucky as I was on this particular day. 

Have you had any recent scrap bargains? 

I am hoping to make a few occasion cards from some of the papers and have started out with these two.  

Wishing you all a super weekend x 

Friday, January 30

First day of Secondary School

How many of us remember our first day at secondary school. I remember it well.....I can recall what I worn, who I was with, what we had to do. It was......

8.15am,  I stepped out of the house in my new school uniform armed with my new oversized school bag to meet with two school friends. 

Growing up in West London meant we had a choice of secondary school. We lived within a short walking distance of four secondary schools, so we didn't all get into the school of choice and we only moved onto secondary school with a handful of friends from primary school.

We entered the large school hall together... sat in a chair (no more school floor) and waited. We each waited to hear our name. All three of us were called out - we were lucky to have been put into the same form class together.  It was a big thing then and is still a big thing now. 

Luckily nowadays (at least in our village) they try to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible so they know before they start secondary school who they will share a form class with.  It lessoned the worry for him and I'm sure this would have lessoned the worry for me way back when. 

This is him on his first day of secondary school.  September 2013. This year he will enter year 9 - or year 3 as it would have been for some of us. 

    Carrying on from my previous post I wanted to stay with the strong darker background colour. 
    It's the first time I've used textured paste and the effect is fabulous. It so easy to use and gives your   
    layout a little dimension. I'll be using it again soon.  

   Care to share your first day at secondary school? 

  Although my memories of my first day are still quite vivid I do wish I had a photo of the oversized 
  schoolbag  to share.

Sunday, January 18

...just because

Sleep deprivation by coughing is the kind of week it's been here. Thankfully the doctor gave him  antibiotics, which is a relief!! A relief for him..... and a huge relief for me. 
 In this cold and cough season a few handmade notelets may come in handy and brighten up someones day, don't you think? I've made these for a class so I really hope they like them. 
I do love the simplicity. 

I am wishing you all a good week ahead. Free from coughs and colds x 

Sunday, January 11

12in15 Challenge

Yay....after four months I've made a layout. I knew it had been a while I just didn't realise how long.

It feels good.

The work on the house meant I packed everything away and when it all came out again I was busy getting things ready for Christmas. So with the start of a new year, I bought a few new bits, as you do, I always find it gets me back into the swing of things.

Armed with a new circle stencil I pulled together some supplies and joined in with Nina Christenen's 12in15 challenge. I think it's Nina's inspiring challenge video that make me want have to join in.

Marsalis was the colour challenge. A deep red/wine colour. My go to 12x12 background colour has been white for a while now so it made a change to use a darker background. I think i'll have to make a point to use a coloured background for my next layout too. 

To lighten the layout I used a white mist with Jennifer's circle stencil. I have a few stencils from her Happy Scatter Shop now and love using them. Great quality, fantastic designs....we need more Jennifer :) 

Thank you for stopping by - enjoy your week ahead.

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and thanking you all for taking the time to leave lovely comments on my blog this past year. There was very little activity here at the end of the year - so now I am armed with a new workspace and a new laptop I intend to get back into the swing of things.

Here's to 2015 .... from us all.

#2014 year of the Selfie Stick :)

Tuesday, November 11

One Photo Twenty Words

 Joining in with Abi's super meme. 

Blood Swept Lands
Seas of Red
 888,246 ceramic poppies
The Tower of London. 
11 November 2014
We will remember them.
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